We are specialists in developing apps and games for iOS and Android Platforms and the Unity 3D platform including the Vuforia Augmented Reality software.

We are passionate about creating both apps and games, whether for the general public or for specialist sectors such as Tourism or Education.

About Black Ridge Technologies

App and games development for Apple and Android

With a 15 year history in the Games, Entertainment and Education sectors, Black Ridge has a pedigree as a 3rd party developer for both large and small companies.

App and software development for entertainment, education and tourism

Pioneering fresh ideas and new ways to interact with the end user, we have worked with clients ranging from the Games industry to the UK Military.

App and software testing for usability and bug reporting

Our artists and programmers collectively have over 40 years experience in developing on many types of platform from handheld consoles to mobile phones, games consoles and Windows PC.

Experienced In Prototyping

We have worked with many companies to prototype new ways to interact with their users including Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Geo-location and camera tracking technologies.


If you are looking to new technologies to offer a greater experience for your customers on iOS, tvOS, Android, Windows PC and Apple Mac then we can help!

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App Testing

We offer app testing and UX (usability) testing and feedback to give your app the best possible launch onto what are the very competitive platforms of the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for Android.


Contact us and let us help make your app a success!

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